The Axure adventure begins….

I’ve decided it is time for me to learn Axure. Since it’s a product that I’m sure others are curious about, I thought I’d chronicle my adventures….

Currently, my Axure adventures include installing the free trial and going through its 30 minute tutorial. I love exploring new software, so this is a lot like playtime for me. Axure made it even easier. When you go to install its free trial, it provides links with a quick 30 min .pdf file and starter .rp file to help you with the tutorial.

My current favorite prototyping tool is PowerPoint. I have it down to a science and have been asked for my HTML code because the image look so real. Additionally, I am able to make quick walkthroughs, so the user can pretend to use the site. There are a couple bugs in PowerPoint when you attempt this, but overall it works. Axure reminds me of my favorite tool and adds on even more, great functionality. The masters are powerful and quick to use. Interactions seem to be pretty intuitive so far. And, it’ll even generate my specifications for me!

I’m not 100% sold until I try to build some real world scenarios, but I have to say… so far I’m intrigued! Plus, I’ve still got Protoshare to check out.

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